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Issue with commit diff indentation
#d089e41e - Created 1 year ago
zPlus <zplus@peers.community> 1 year ago
Message-ID: <1e153d9511b7fc979df8a48a86c06bdf913de58f.camel@peers.community>
Subject: Issue with commit diff indentation
When a commit is displayed, the source lines in the diff are not indented at all. Looks like all the white spaces at the beginning of every line are removed.
zPlus <zplus@peers.community> 1 year ago
Well I think I've fixed this with the last commit: https://clif.peers.community/zplus/clif.git/commit/8032a8bb510c714948c3e31d23f29c3bd65fb507 I submitted a new thread because I thought it would be more work to fix this, but it actually ended up being an easy fix.
label: UI
state: FIXED
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