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Duplicated mail lists filters
#1503bffe - Created 1 year ago
zPlus <zplus@peers.community> 1 year ago
Message-ID: <5939e52ca6ba701611b2041caf18e691c37699ca.camel@peers.community>
Subject: Duplicated mail lists filters
"Filters" in mailing lists are duplicated. For example > Filters label: UI UI state: FIXED FIXED instead of > Filters label: UI state: FIXED There should be only one of each.
zPlus <zplus@peers.community> 1 year ago
Fixed: https://clif.peers.community/zplus/clif.git/commit/2345b8d90bbf682a259a0970587408a2d825551f
label: UI
state: FIXED
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zPlus <zplus@peers.community>