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zPlus f8b00f1 Add option for escluding tags (instead of including only) from mailing-list filters. 1 year ago 3 +26/-4
zPlus 8733282
Use pygit2.DiffDelta.status_char() insead of pygit2.DiffDelta.status
.status_char() returns the single character abbreviation for a delta status code, so we prefer this over the raw .status integer.
1 year ago 1 +25/-19
zPlus 2345b8d
fix: Duplicated mail lists filters
Only show mailing-list filters once; avoid duplicate names.
1 year ago 2 +4/-5
zPlus aa65aa5
Split commits (subject, body) lines in log page.
Split the commit message into "subject" and "body", and show them in a <details> tag.
1 year ago 1 +4/-3
zPlus ea6af13
Replace diffstat links with anchors.
Remove direct link from diffstat to blob, and instead replace it with anchors to diffs on the same page.
1 year ago 1 +2/-2
zPlus d448d3c
Add links to blobs in the commit page.
Add links for opening blob files directly from the diff view of the commit page.
1 year ago 2 +38/-34
zPlus 357fac4
Change commit view colors.
Small changes to make diffed files more clearly distinguishable.
1 year ago 2 +49/-35
zPlus 854a2c4 Switch to using monospace font everywhere. 1 year ago 1 +2/-18
zPlus 0511461
Fix division by zero error in diffstat histogram.
Do not compute histogram when there are a total of zero insertions and deletions.
1 year ago 1 +4/-2
zPlus 0b2642a Add option for showing raw udiff in commit page. 1 year ago 3 +20/-3
zPlus 0f8df23 Restore histogram colors that were broken with previous commit. 1 year ago 1 +6/-6
zPlus 1c93532
Allow expandable diffs in commit page.
Allow expansion and shrinkage of diffed files in the commit page.
1 year ago 3 +103/-71
zPlus 120ac72
Add user settings for committs diffs.
Allow admins to set the default options for showing commits diffs, for example DIFF_MODE (udiff, ssdiff) or DIFF_CONTEXT_LINES.
1 year ago 2 +18/-7
zPlus 108bbbe Add diffstat histogram in commit page. 1 year ago 3 +168/-68
zPlus ef2ab34
Fix regression regarding indentation in commit view.
A previous commit has introduced a regression in the "commit" page. The commit diff did not display the correct indentation.
1 year ago 1 +4/-1
zPlus d548a4c
Add diff options in commit page.
Allow diff options to be changed when viewing a commit: view (udiff, ssdiff), context lines, interhunk lines, side (normal, reverse), whitespace.
1 year ago 3 +235/-35
zPlus 8032a8b
Fix broken indentation in commit page.
Do not collapse white spaces when showing a commit diff in HTML.
1 year ago 1 +4/-0
zPlus 2a5d69c Add page for showing commits. 1 year ago 5 +269/-23
zPlus aa8d46a Log page: show diffstat for first commit. 1 year ago 1 +5/-2
zPlus 9804d86
Fix Log diffstats when commit has no parents.
Do not display diffstats in the Log page for commit with no parents (first commit).
1 year ago 2 +9/-3

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